2006 - 2007 PROGRAM

Sep 21st, 2006 Quentin Cronk, 'Rhodendron - the anatomy of an obsession'
Oct 19th, 2006 Sean Rafferty and Brenda Macdonald, 'VRS Members on a Second Trip to China, 2006'
Nov 16th, 2006
Dr. Rolf Mathewes, 'The Plants of the Queen Charlotte Islands - Past, Present, and Future'
Feb 15th, 2007 Peter Wharton, 'The Lure of the Role of Plant Expeditions in Asia'
Feb 17th, 2007 Joe Ronsley, 'Enhanced Woodland'
Apr 19th, 2007 Mike Snowden, 'Rowallane: a special garden in the North of Ireland'