2000 - 2001 PROGRAM

Sep 21st, 2000 Alleyne Cook, Gerry Gibbens, Bill Herbst, Douglas Justice, 'Diverse Experiences in the Woodland Gardens at Windsor Great Park'
Oct 19th, 2000 Steve Hootman,  ‘The British-American Salween Expedition of 2000’
Nov 16th, 2000
Peter Wharton,  'Good Fortune in the Wuyishan'
Jan 18th, 2001 AGM, Election, Members’ slides
Feb 15th, 2001
Keith White, ‘Rhododendron Species: In the Wild and in Cultivation’
Mar 15th, 2001 Thomas Pakenham, Chairman of the Irish Tree Society
Apr 19th, 2001 Mark Flanagan, 'Woodland Gardens of Britian'
Apr 28-29th, 2001 Show and Sale, UBC Botanical Garden
May 17th, 2001 Walk in Stanley Park led by Gerard Picher and Alleyne Cook
Jun 21st, 2001 Potluck picnic at the home of Michael Bale